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AAOIH Newsletter                           Dec.2015 Vol 21-2

Dear Members

I am pleased to report that AAOIH had another successful annual event at this year's Academy meeting in Dallas. We had more then 70 members and guests in attendance including President of AAOHNSF Dr. Sujana Chandrasekhar and her lovely family, President Elect Dr. Gregory Randolph, and International Coordinator Dr. James Saunders. The nite was truly special as Dr. Chandrasekhar was our guest of honor . She reviewed the importance of our Academy's Clinical Practice Guidelines and provided valuable information to our younger generatoion on navigating the pathway to Academy leadership

We appreciate BrainLab, Intersect ENT, and Meda Pharma for their suppport to sponsor our educational and social annual event this year. Please say a word of thanks to your local representatives for their pledge of continuing support when you see them.  For the past two years we have been able to conduct a successful event while at the same time protecting our organization's  financial security with this strong industry support. We hope to continue this tradition in the future.

Last year, we have seen our organization create stronger web presence with a new website designed with the tireless efforts of Dinesh Mehta and Ashutosh Kacker. Members and Guests can now update their membership on line. Linking with PayPal will help our organization's financial security moving into the future, and facilitate the process of enrolling new members. In addition, for last seven years the financal strength of AAOIH has allowed us to continue supporting one International Visiting Scholar from India attending Academy's Annual meeting. This year we had three IVS awardee recipients from India organized by AAOHNSF. We hope they had posittve experience visiting USA and valuable learning experience during their observership in USA. We look forward to their feedback to Academy.

At our Governing Body meeting on Sunday September 27, number of important issues were discussed. Dr. Rajesh Kakani graciously accepted the position of Sectrtary. He has been a steadfast supporter of our Organiztion. and I am sure he will be a valuable asseet. Dr. Ashutosh Kacker will take the charge as President of our Association. I have full confidence in him and fully support him in accomplishing the goals of our Organization. We welcome Dr. Ashok Shaha, Dr. Anil Lalwani, and Dr. Krishnamurthi Sundaram as our new counselors. We appreciate their willingness to take part in the activities of our Association. Lastly, our new resident representative Dr. Nikita Gupta is a chief Resident at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. She will do an outstanding job as I have had the pleasure of working with her over the course of her residency. She is a wonderful person and shares a genuine enthusism for our organization.

In the years to come our organization would like to provide opportunities for residents and young physicians in the United States to travel to India on scholarship. This is just one of the many ideas we have for the future. In order to make this a reality, we will need the financial support of our members to help sponsor these events. As a result the Governing Board discussed the need to change our IRS status to NFP organization to alllow donors to benefit from deductions for their generosity. For this reason, we voted to change the name of our organization to apply for the new entity. The new name will be American Otolaryngologists of Indian Heritage (AOIH). Our website and logo will be modified once this is finalized. This entire process has required a great deal of enthusism and work by our Treasurer, Dr. Dinesh Mehta. He will continue pursuing over the course of year 2016. For this reason, the Govering Board felt that the position of a Treasurer should be upgraded to a standing position with a new title of Executive Director, to better characterize the importance of this role. Someone should hold this title that the membership can wholeheartedly trust, and I can think of none other than Dr, Dinesh Mehta

As I pass the baton of Presidency to Dr. Ashutosh Kacker, I like to thank the membership for their support and more importantly my appreciations to the Executive team members Drs. Ameet Singh, Ashutosh Kacker, and Dinesh Mehta for their time, energy and wholehearted support. I have tremendous confidence in the future of our organization and look forward to the continued growth in our new members over the years.


Satish Govindaraj, MD

Director and Past President AAOIH

Chair, Nomination Committee 


Dear Members:

As the year come to an end and as we step in to New Year, we the members of the Governing Board of AAOIH wish you a very happy and healthy 2016. Historically the year 2015 was remarkable as we one more time made a change in the name of our Organization from AAOIH to AOIH - American Otolaryngologists of Indian Heritage Inc.. For compliance purpose we will be undergoing ByLaws amendment in 2016. Changes are also happening nationwide in our healthcare environment. This will bring new challenges for our Association such as making necessary changes in funding for our annual meeting and organizational activities.The demographics of our membership will require new approach and new ideas to help our society to establish and grow. We the Governing Board are open to new ideas and suggestions as we jumpstart our activities in 2016.. 

I sincerly thank Governing Board for electing me as President of AOIH. I appreciate Satish Govindaraj for his wholehearted support and the trust invested in me.


Ashutosh Kacker, MD



Dear Members:

I am truly honored to be elected to serve as Secretary of this organization. Leaders before me, specially Dr. Hemendra Bhatnagar, Dr. Dinesh Mehta, Dr. Nikhil Bhatt, Dr. Vijay Anand, Dr. Vinod Anand, Dr. Sanjay Bhansali, Dr. Arun Gadre, Dr. Satish Govindaraj, Dr. Sujana Chandrasekhar, Dr. Cherie Ann Nathan and Dr. Kevin Pereira have worked hard to bring this Association to the present vibrant state. I always relied on them for mentorship and guidence during my career. I feel that this organization truly represents who I am as a practicing American Otolaryngologist of Indian Heritage.

In addition to all the formal activities, my hope would be that this organization continues to serve as resource for an informal mentorship and guidence that any young Otolaryngologist may need at the end of his/her training. Along with senior leaders, Dr. Ameet Singh, and President Dr. Ashutosh Kacker, I hope to continue to make this organization even more useful resource for all global Otolaryngologists of Indian Heritage and specially our membership.

With so many very bright young Otolaryngologists of Indian Heritage undergoing training, the future of this organization has to be bright. On behalf of the Executive team, I seek your support and suggestion as to what we can do to serve Otolaryngologist of Indian Heritage worldwide most importantly our patients and what we can do to serve our members? I am always available at T: 516 222 1105 to talk or communicate with you at

Wishing you all happy holidays and Healthy and prosperous New Year


Rajesh S. Kakani, MD



Dear Members:

I am happy to report that through hard work over the last two years, the AAOIH Executive team, under the leadership of Dr. Satish Govindaraj, successfully organized our 37th and 38th annual meeting at the convention centers in Orlando and Dallas. With arrangements of more accomodative venue space we also noticed incresed attendance by our new younger group of members at our meetings.

Last two meetings were generously supported by Meda Pharma, Intersect ENT, BrainLab, Karl Storz Endoscopy-America and also by generous donations from Drs. Chitoor and Santha Govindaraj. Donations and Gifts were taxable income as per our old filing status. However, with the approval of the Executive team and the Governing Board we soon began the process of applying for NFP status. I am happy to report that our Association is now exempt from federal income tax under IRS Code section 501 (C) (3) and classified by IRS as public charity organization. Donors can now deduct the contribution they make and we are qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transferes or gifts.

We will begin our 2016 activities with a change in the name of our organization to "American Otolaryngologists of Indian Heritage Inc." We will soon be making appropiate chnges in our ByLaws as required. With our new tax exempt status we are endeavoring to generate an endowment fund to support educational charity projects in future such as International visiting scholarship, AOIH travel fellowship for our young members and residents, AOIH Speaker Awards for scientific presentation at annual meeting, AOIH Resident research and poster awards. These ideas can not be strengthened without financial support. We the members of executive team and the Governing Board, are seeking for your support and suggestions to enhance these activities. We have done it in the past and with your participation I am confident we will achieve it. As Rajesh mentioned the future of this organization has to be brighter with enrollment of more enthusiastic younger, brighter, inovative Otolaryngologists of Indian Heritage. I am looking forward to welcome new members at our next meeting in San Diego.

wishing you happy 2016


Dinesh Mehta, MD

Director and Treasurer



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