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American Otolaryngologists of Indian Heritage Inc.

AOIH Inc.  Affiliation with AAOHNSF

AAOHNSF every year offers a limited number of Scholarship to Junior academic Otolaryngologists from developing countries to attend the AAOHNSF annual meeting & OTO Experience and participate in an academic observership at a U.S. Otolaryngology department or Institution (arranged independantly by the candidate) The IVS is open to all candidates who meet the eligibility requirements. Additional IVS exist with specific eligibility criteria to promote Academic participation from a given Nationality, Sex, or Subspeciality. 


The following IVS grants are offered by AAOHNSF for year 2018: 

  • IVS for Indian Nationality
    • American Otolaryngologists of Indian Heritage IVS Grant :  awarded to eligible Otolarngology=Head & Neck Surgeon with Indian Citizenship who reside in India
    • Dr, Dinesh and Pravina Mehta IVS Grant: awarded to eligible Otolaryngologist - Head  & Neck Surgeon with Indian Citizenship who reside in India
  • Baxiram S. and Kankuben B. Gelot IVS Grant: awarded to International Otolaryngologists - Head & Neck Surgeon
  • IVS for French Nationality
  • IVS for Korean Nationality
  • IVS for Peruvian Nationality
  • IVS for Saudis
  • Eiji Yanagisawa IVS for Meritorious International Otolaryngologist
  • IVS for Latin American Citizen
    • Antonio De la Cruz IVS for Latin American Citizen
    • Roy R. Casiano IVS for Latin American Citizen
  • Nancy L. Snyderman International scholarship for eligible Meritorius International female Otolaryngologist. 


Please note: IVS grant of US $2,000.00 will not fully cover all the expenses of attending the AAO-HNSF Annual meeting & Oto Experience and the observership. The Grant includes a waiver for AAO-HNSF Annual meeting and OTO Experience registration fees and a one year trial membership of the AAO0HNSF. The grantee will bear all other costs. 

Application for Grant is due by May 4, 2018. Learn more about IVS on line: 

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